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01 Consultations



Have you purchased a new home and want to renovate, but don't know what to do or if you have the budget to do it? 

Have your circumstances changed; kids left or a new arrival, and want to know if you can renovate or even if it's worth it?

'Ask an Architect' is a friendly chat with a qualified Architect to discuss what your project potentially can and can't be.


JRA will covers everything from the 'big' things like the fundamental principles of design and possible design ideas to the specifics of who else you might need to talk to, what approvals you might need, and the potential costs and your budget. 


Our conversation can be as broad or as specific as you need and will enable you to create your 'client brief', so you can progress to 'Sketch Design' or simply make a more informed, and clearer decision about the next step and direction for you.

HOW MUCH?  For a site visit and one hour consultation, your investment will be $675 (plus GST).



Have you just received drawings and want to make sure it has everything you've asked for? 

Are you about to commit to a building contract and want to know what to look out for and what to avoid?

A 'Project Review' will provide you with feedback on your project's design and construction so you can avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes.

JRA will perform a detailed design review with you, examining and explaining design ideas, construction, and will include conceptual sketches to help you better understand your project, explore new ideas, and design opportunities, and avoid costly mistakes. 


Our conversation will give you enough knowledge and insight to communicate changes and confirm your decisions before you finalise your design, sign your contract, or even during construction. So you can move forward with confidence.

HOW MUCH? For a site visit and one and a half-hour consultation with a written summary and concept sketches, your investment will be $975 au (plus GST)

NEED MORE ADVICE? As your project progresses, you may find you want to have additional conversations at milestone points of the process to keep you, and your project on track. These can be arranged at any time after consultations and are charged at an hourly rate.

TRAVEL? For all projects located between  25kms and 100kms from the JRA office (Bardon), an additional allowance of $2.50 per km travelled will be applied, for the total distance of a return trip. For projects greater than 100kms pricing is specific and calculated on a project-by-project basis.

Please ask us if travel costs apply to you or if you would prefer a video consultation.

02 Architectural Services

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If you want to get going on your project, Sketch design explores the potential of your project formally and gives you a really defined solution to work from.


We get really clear about what you want, and the problems and opportunities of the property. So we can create a written brief that outlines what you want from your project including the budget.

We then translate that information into accurate, scaled plans and 3-dimensional drawings so you can understand how each space is connected and we can have a better conversation about the cost. It may also require a measure up of the home as it is now. (see below)

Obtaining an estimated building cost is generally recommended at the end of this stage.

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Develop Design progresses the design from ‘what rooms should be next to each other?’  to ‘should the toilet be next to the shower?’ 


We examine the layout of each room, the basic materials inside and out, and how the building will look and feel, when you are in them and how they function in a day-to-day setting.


If we haven't already, we begin a conversation with a builder or estimate, to get a more detailed understanding of the cost, so we can adjust the brief or budget as required.


A conversation with a 'Town Planner' will occur at this point to confirm if a ‘town planning application' is required.

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The purpose of the documentation stage is to create an 'instruction manual' that provides a builder with clear and accurate directions to price and build your new home.


These documents will ultimately form the basis of your construction contract and the stage when you get to pick all those brilliant colors, appliances, and fixtures you've been eye off on social media. 


At the end, or during this stage, an application is made (if applicable) to a private building certifier who will assess the project for ‘building approval’

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Pricing for construction will be based on drawings and information produced in the 'Documentation' stage.

Builder/s examine the details over a 4-6 week period, during which time we answer any questions and adjust the documentation as required.

At the end of this stage, you will be able to proceed with construction or the design can be cost managed or redesigned for a more suitable, budget outcome (additional fees apply).

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When you are ready to commit to a building contract with the builder, JR architects can support you in a number of ways to make the building process as smooth as possible and avoid costly mistakes and variations to time and your budget.


We provide advice on your building contract, before and during construction so you understand what your, and the builder's obligations are.


We can be involved as much or as little as you want, to suit your confidence and knowledge during this process to help you keep communication clear and be an advocate who will be in your corner. To give you all the options available to you, based on the long conversation through the design process and the deep knowledge of your priorities and desired outcomes for your home.

Note: Before signing any contract, JRA recommends you speak with a lawyer to provide specific, legal, and contract advice 

HOW MUCH? Every project has its unique challenges that require unique solutions. This means that specific services and their fees are calculated on a project-by-project basis. Not all stages are required for every project, and some may be combined. 

03 Other Services


If your project is a renovation of an existing building it will require a 'measure up' where the existing building is photographed and measured in detail after confirmation of the brief and fee, and prior to commencing the Concept stage.

This information is then used to construct digital drawings and form the basis of subsequent design and construction drawings.


There are two applications that may affect your project;

a 'Development Application' and 'Building Application'.


'Development Approval' may be required at the completion of the 'Developed Design' stage. It will involve a 'Town Planner.'  and we may be required to provide additional information for the submission, or respond to any requests for information during its assessment.

'Building Approval'.is required prior to construction. The submission will be made during the 'Documentation' stage and will involve a 'Private Building Certifier' or submission to the local council or authority.

NOTE: A 'Building Approval' and 'Development Approval' (if required) MUST be obtained before construction commences.

Need more information?    Go to Frequently Asked Questions or contact us to find out more.