Red Wall & Stairs


01 The Full Story

Good design doesn’t cost the earth and it certainly doesn’t make your project more expensive.

My goal is to design buildings and spaces that make you glad you came and, invites you to stay a little longer. I believe truly excellent architecture goes above and beyond the mere function of a building or how it looks. Great design isn't about spending loads of money on shiny materials and expensive taps. It doesn't have to be on the cover of a magazine for it to be 'great'. Sometimes it's the little things that just make you love it more.


Great design and architecture is about how it feels and how you feel in it and I would prefer you think of me more as a friend who knows about architecture, and not as an ‘expert’ who will come in and take over, say things you don’t understand, then leave you with a huge bill.

I will spend time with you so you can 'Ask An Architect' and work through your ideas and explain the ‘pros and cons’ so you know as much as you can. Then you can take as long as you need, To make an informed decision about what you want your project to be.

I also wrote the book "The Secrets of a Passionate Architect: A simple guide to building and renovating a new house" as a way to help people gain some persepctive on a significant event in there life, and to avoid the costly pitfalls. 

— Jason Ross